Cachafaz Dulce de Leche (450 g / 1 lb)


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● PERFECTLY CREAMY - Dulce de Leche Cachafaz is one of the smoothest and creamiest in the market.

● THE IDEAL BREAKFAST COMPLEMENT - Practical, nourishing and delicious to spread on toasted bread or as a waffle topping.


● 450 gr / 1 lb

 Dulce de Leche is made of three of the best things in life: Sugar, milk and vanilla, when blended perfectly they become this milky, creamy, and caramel tasty butter. Cachafaz, known by their delicious alfajores, has decided to sell the star ingredient of the recipe for it to be enjoyed on its own. If you haven’t tasted the alfajores yet, don’t forget you can buy them online here.

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