Successo Alfajor de Arroz con Banana Milk Chocolate Coated Rice Alfajor Filled with Banana Mousse, 300 g / 10.58 oz (box of 12)

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  • DELIGHTFUL AND TASTEFUL - A healthy Milk Chocolate coated rice Alfajor filled with banana mousse.
  • THE HEALTHIEST OPTION - Only 120 calories of a delicious alfajor.
  • Ajdut kosher mehadrín, pas ysroel, pareve, miphal ysroel.
  • 300 g / 10.58 oz (box of 12).

Successo is a company with more than 21 years of history making cookies and “alfajores” with a homemade style, complying with the flavor and characteristics of the Argentine taste. Their first manufacturer was installed in Mar del Plata in 1999. And around the year 2003 they moved to the city, leaving the sea behind where now they not only make cookies and “alfajores” but also chocolate bars, ice cream and healthier options. Successo guarantees the excellence and the quality of its products, taking care of all the different stages of production, from the process of manufacturing up to the market circulation, giving customers a high-level product of exquisite taste.

Alfajor Vegano Successo sabor Banana - Milk Chocolate Coated Rice Alfajor Filled with Banana Mousse / Products from Argentina shipped straight to you.

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