La Planchetta Iron Griddle Full Kit With Spatula, Clamp, Stainless Steel Skewers & Grill Acccessories Grill Pan For Stove Burners by La Planchetta

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Planchetta Griddle for two kitchen burners: A noble product designed to enhance the possibilities in the kitchen, saving resources (replaces the oven on many occasions with less gas expenditure). It adapts to the size of two burners of any kitchen, but also on embers or direct fire. The thickness of the sheet is not casual. It is enough to offer a homogeneous heat to the entire surface, but not so much  as to not exceed its weight and facilitate handling in its use, cleaning and storage. The laminated iron provides benefits that with minimal care will not only last a long time, will also improve some properties such as non-stick. Dimensions: 48 cm x 27.3 cm x 3 cm
Spatula: The spatula is made in one piece with a high quality stainless steel. The spatula is the essential companion at the beginning of preparations, or for handling all kinds of food. But fundamentally, for cleaning. Its design, angulation and completion of the blade correspond to the folding angle of the plate in its perimeter, facilitating cleaning after each use.
Legs for The Planchetta Griddle: A fundamental tool for all "cooking outdoors" lovers. They fit perfectly into The Planchetta which facilitates its transfer, and fits perfectly on its sides giving a rigid, strong and well anchored support. With its height of 15 cm from the griddle to the floor you can make fire to cook in flames or charcoal, granting a good space of action to control the embers, at the right distance to cook optically.
Stainless Steel Skewers: An accessory of the highest quality and durability. Stainless steel possesses ideal hygienic properties and offers eternal durability. For brochettes, rolls or any type of recipe. Box of 6 food sticks.
Clamp: Inseparable companion of the iron. Ideal for handling any food. It has a double function thanks to its design that allows separating the food from the grill to be able to take them and move them easily. The ribbed handle allows an ergonomically appropriate take, and the angled finish at the end of the blades prevents food from slipping.
Lids for Griddle: Specially designed for the griddle. The lid is made up of two pieces of aluminum, whichmakes them ultralight. Very functional thanks to its design, with inserts on its sides that fit perfectly. A Planchetta with lids can cook a Neapolitan milanese "milanesa napolitana" in less than 10 minutes. Facilitates cooking, achieves an enveloping and more equitable heat.

The Little Baires team.

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